The Sentri range of black site and vehicle boxes has built up a considerable reputation over the last 16 years from a standing start to being a leading a leading, respected, trusted and recognsed brand throughout the industry at home and abroad.

As times move on and the value of your tools that you need to store safely increases, the level of security you deserve also needs to be increased.

4 years ago we were the first to introduce hydraulic arms, drop down handles and Euro cylinders as standard features to our range, but standing still is not parts of the sentribox philosophy. As leading designers of metal storage systems we have now taken box engineering to new levels.

The new XLOCK™ locking system is so far advanced than anything else currently on the market for site and vehicle boxes that we have patents and design copyrights pending worldwide.

The XLOCK™ system of two 8mm thick deadlocks working in the horizontal plane and two 8mm thick hook locks working in opposing directions in the vertical plane means you have a 4 point locking system on every Sentri XLOCK™ box. This is not equaled on any site or vehicle box available in the world today.

In addition, the locks have been manufactured to our own design and specification and we guarantee a key difference of a massive 1:1000.

To make life easier for you the whole system operates with 1 key in 1 lock with 1 turn.

The handles now have rubber pads to stop those annoying rattles when driving with a Sentri vehicle box on board. Each box now has a protective tool mat as standard. The drop down handles are recessed when not in use.

Every box is individually numbered and we can supply optional replacement keys should the need arise.

In addition to having probably the best box in the world we also give a 1 year manufacturers warranty against defective parts.

We hope you enjoy your Sentribox as much as we have enjoyed creating it!!

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